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Seeking Director at Large - Education

  • Attend (live or previously recorded) the online National IAFN Chapter Orientation.

  • Read the Utah IAFN Bylaws, Utah Chapter Affiliation, and Utah Chapter Annual Report.

  • Actively participate and assist in the planning of events organized by the Utah Chapter of the IAFN and the Utah Board of Directors.

  • Complete other tasks as requested by the Utah Board of Directors as needed.

  • Attend (e.g., online, phone) the Utah Board of Directors’ monthly meetings as well as the in-person Utah Chapter of the IAFN Quarterly Meetings (minimally 75%).

  • Maintain active membership with the National IAFN and Utah IAFN chapter.

  • Duties specific to the Directors at Large over Education:

    • Lead the education committee who will assist in planning the annual conference and quarterly education events.

    • Provide certificates of attendance to participants of the Utah Chapter of the IAFN Quarterly Meetings.

    • Provide thank-you cards to guest speakers and case study presenters at the Utah Chapter of the IAFN Quarterly Meetings.

    • Work with the Director-At-Large over Communications to post upcoming events, education, resources, and information on the Utah IAFN website and social media as needed.

    • Collaborate with board members in decision-making for events as well as education opportunities of the IAFN.

International Association of Forensic Nurses, Utah Chapter

Chapter Updates

Chapter Officer List
Here is your leadership team for 2023!

Nominations OPEN for Director at Large Education. 

Jeanlee Carver Past President - Continuing 2023

Camden Caifa President - Continuing 2023

Kim Utterback President-elect - Beginning 2023

Jami Huntington  Secretary - Continuing 2023

Carrie Huntsman-Jones Treasurer - Beginning 2023 

Analisa Willis Director at Large - Website and Social Media - Beginning 2023
POSITION OPEN - Director at Large Education Committee Lead - Taking nominations 


IAFN is an international membership organization comprised of forensic nurses working around the world and other professionals who support and compliment the work of forensic nursing. We are the Utah Chapter of the organization.

Crystal Salt


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