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This month our team focus is NUSANE

The Northern Utah Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (NUSANE) was established in November of 2005. At this time there were no adequate services available to victims of sexual violence in Weber, Davis, Morgan, or Box Elder counties. All sexual assault examinations were being provided by ED Registered Nurses who were uncomfortable, untrained and inexperienced in forensic nursing. Understanding this difficulty, a group of ED and L&D nurses from hospitals in Weber County came together to form NUSANE. During the creation of our Team, we were all dedicated to providing a quiet, confidential space where the focus and care of these fragile victims was outside of the often chaotic, public emergency department. Our goals were many, but paramount was the ability to provide care to these patients in the first free-standing forensic evaluation clinic in the State of Utah. After 13 years at our South Ogden location we are moving to a new facility housed in the Weber/Morgan Health Department in downtown Ogden. NUSANE also provides forensic assessment to patients in a dedicated sexual assault examination room at the new Intermountain Layton Medical Clinic which allows the Davis County patient easy access to victim-centered evidence collection and care. Credentialed at seven hospitals within the four-county area, we also provide forensic evaluations to patients who are not medically stable and must be assessed within the acute care setting. We also routinely provide sexual assault examination service to both the Weber and Davis Correctional Facilities. NUSANE is a group of 18 professional forensic nurses with diverse clinical backgrounds who are dedicated to providing objective and trauma informed care to all citizens within the 4 counties we serve.

To submit photos or text to share with our Utah Teams, please email submission to iafnutah@gmail.com using the link below. 

Andrea Huso, Chapter Secretary

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